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Seeking Maps for My Delorme Earthmate PN60

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I am trying to find additional maps for my Delorme PN-60.

I need the aerial color(COLOR DOQQ), aerial B&W(DOQQ) and the USGS Topographic(3DTQ) Delorme maps for Washington State and Oregon.

I especially would like to get the USGS Topographics.

Delorme is out of business and Garmin maps don't work in the PN-60 or in Topo 9.0.

Is there a source for these maps?

How can I get copies from other Delorme users out there??

Comments, please.



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Aerial photos are no longer available. You will need a copy of Delorme TOPO North America for any maps for your PN60.

In reality if you had Topo North America and wanted aerial photo overlay it would cost you Big Big bucks.

When Delorme was still around they offered a subscription service for $29.99 per year. But that ended with Garmin.

When mine ended the photo supplier wanted a few hundred for what I wanted. So That was the end of that.

Go check on EBAY you might find a copy of the map software.


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My topo North America 10 installed just fine. I also have the version before that. Topo North America 9

Both on the same computer with Windos10. My topo works just fine. I am not sure why others have issues. Possibly because I also have IE 11 as a browser, not sure though. My computer is HP Envy. The only issue that I ever had with topo North America 10 was a Microsoft update messed it up. But a reinstall with repair option for TOPO 10 fixed that. I also have a bunch of photo overlays for some of my choice areas. A side note when that update messed up Topo 10 it did not harm topo 9.

So I just did reinstall topo 10 with the repair option and all was well again.

I also run Microsoft edge chrome and Firefox browsers. But when I first started up my computer at brand new I told it I wanted both Edge and IE 10.

Then later updated to IE 11. My computer is 2.5 years old now. And still runs both topo 9 and 10 just fine.

Plus I managed to get hold of a patch to let topo 10 connect to ground speak. And load pocket queries into it. But there is more than one way to get geocaches loaded into my PN60.



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