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Prevent Attendeds from being logged before the actual event date

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I'd be surprised if this hasn't been requested already, but how about preventing Attendeds from being logged before the actual event date?
Why does it bother me?
I have a PQ which I preview frequently to see what events there are and in order to exclude old events I select the 'have not been found' option.
This means that events which have been logged by time travellers get missed off

and cue the tumbleweed....

Thank you

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Instead of a pocket query, you could just use the calendar on your dashboard. Set the distance to 100 miles (if you prefer, less if needed) and if there is an event on a particular day, it the day will appear shaded in.

The search function also works well. You can sort the results by date and it automatically hides old events so they are not shown. The filters get inscribed into the http address, so you can actually save the search as a link or bookmark. 

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