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Help with a puzzle please

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Puzzle help isn't something that's generally accepted in the public forums, and I think might even be in violation of the Terms of Use. The owner probably wouldn't like the solution to their puzzle being discussed publicly where everyone can see it.


If you're having issues with a puzzle, the best place to start is by contacting the owner. They've hidden the cache to be found, so they'll generally be happy to give you some pointers to get you going.


Even if we could give you help here, just posting the puzzle on its own probably wouldn't be enough for us to help. There are probably clues to the puzzle on the cache listing that would point in the right direction, the name being the most likely one. Without seeing everything in context, all we have is a grid with some random numbers.

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57 minutes ago, The A-Team said:

Puzzle help isn't something that's generally accepted in the public forums, and I think might even be in violation of the Terms of Use.

Yep. From section 2D of the Terms of Use:


"You agree not to: [...] xxiii. Publish on our websites the solutions, hints, spoilers, or any hidden coordinates for any geocache without consent from the geocache owner."

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7 minutes ago, Geoscouts.eu said:

I don't want you to solve the puzzle for me which is why I don't post the cache number. I'm simply looking for ideas on what kind of puzzle this might be so that I can get started on solving it myself. For heaven's sake ..... some people just want to nit-pick


Sorry if I came off as nit-picky. Others have come to the forums looking for puzzle help in the past, and it just isn't something we're allowed to do.


I know you only want some help with identifying the type of puzzle, but often that's all the puzzle really is. Once you've identified the type of puzzle, the rest of it is usually academic.

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I should start by saying I have no idea what sort of puzzle it is or how to solve it, but yes, if you're really stuck, contacting the CO for a nudge would be a good first step, but in your message say what you've tried so far, any thoughts you've had, the dead ends you've struck, etc., to make sure the CO knows you've put some effort into it yourself first and are not just looking for an easy solution. If the CO doesn't respond, do you know any of the recent finders who might be able to give you a nudge? Are there any events coming up in your area where you could pick the brains of the local puzzle gurus?


Some handy references for puzzle-solving are the Geocaching Toolbox website and Cully Long's How to Puzzle Cache book. I don't know if either of those will help with this particular puzzle though. Googling something like puzzle cache techniques might also lead you to other useful websites.

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7 hours ago, Touchstone said:

Took me all of about 5 minutes to figure out the GC number.   Just an FYI.


Interesting. You managed to find the cache page just with an un-named image?


Well, I left it with the kids and this morning one of them had the coords. Turns out it was easier than it looked.

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