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Why Do Some Caches Not Come in PQs?

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I only occasionally take a look at the geocaching map (the one with all the caches showing).  I do it because some caches aren't included in my pocket query. 


I have a PQ I run twice a week that reaches out 17 miles from my house, but it doesn't include some caches and I can only see these on the geocaching map. 


I found 3 when I checked Thursday.  I haven't done this one yet and it's only about 2 1/2 miles from my house.


I did these 2 Thursday when I discovered them #1 and #2.They're both about 2 miles from my house.


Why aren't they included in my PQ?



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Within 17 miles of the example you gave there are 1,548 caches, a PQ will only return a maximum of 1000 caches, so 548 are going to be missed off.



If you want to retain the 17 mile radius I would suggest splitting the PQ into 2, either do one for Trads, and the other for non-trads (if you can get them both down below 1000 caches); or do one for caches placed before date ??-??-???? and the other for caches placed after ??-??-????, you will need to work out a suitable date to return 2 PQs with less than 1000 caches each.


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38 minutes ago, Isonzo Karst said:

Do you have "placed date" field set? they're all from Feb 18 or newer? 


Now why didn't I think of that?  That was the problem.  This PQ is only caches I haven't found so, with the new 1000 limit I probably haven't moved the date for a year or two. It was set to Jan 1.  Thanks for helping an addled old man. :)

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