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Dr. Isotope

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I hope you were all thankful for everything you have this holiday weekend. You won't have it for much longer.


Since it is now the holiday season, I thought I would share another gift with you. It is some Trinitite: the green glass that was created from the first atomic blast. Yes, it is still radioactive, and yes, it is authentic.


To obtain this gift you must put together and solve the following puzzle:




After this, it's no more Mr. nice doctor, so beware.


Dr. I


-Who can you trust?-

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I caught this about 5 minutes after you posted it and if it weren't for my printer having run out of ink only seconds before I would have nabbed your gift and foiled your EVIL plot. But since the fate of the free world seems to rest on Hewlett Packard and their bajillion different cartriges for printers I will leave your capture to my more than competent colleauges.



Peeing your pants is the coolest

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My wownderful and loving wife (Wander Lost) has managed to convince me that a mere 2 hour drive in good weather could possably turn into a 3+ hour drive in the fog that is hanging around the Olympia, WA area. Good luck to anyone that ventures out this evening.




It's not what you fling,

It's the FLING itself.



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I saw Dr.I's post as I was leaving school and thought that certainly someone out on the westside would have already snagged it. so i did some errands, including going to two video rental stores for a DVD of the first season of twin peaks, disappointed at both. i then had time for a bagel and got over to oregone's and realized NO ONE had gotten this yet!?! so we cut out the puzzle pieces twice, realizing color would be helpful and were out the door. I was surprized it was still there. the trinitrite is green, radioactive and in a lovely box. i'll be sure to bring it to the next caching event so all can ogle over it's coolness. i can't beleive i beat all of you over there!


and.... i think i have narrowed my list of suspects down. so Dr.I, beware!!!! icon_cool.gif


I chose LaurenCat because LaurenKittenPoniesFlowersPinkSunshineFairyMeowMeowRainbowHeartLoveBunnyKissKiss was just too F-ing long.

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I had that thing done @6:30 pm. bubble_luscious dared me to go find it. ahhh dadgum you isotope!!! I dare you to mess around in Slingertown! I RUN everything south of Oly, and north of the Columbia!!! When I get done with you won't be able to lightly toast some bread!





One shot, one cache.

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dadgum, read this at 5 PM after finishing our posting for todays caches, printed it and Gramma cut it out and was puting it together but we had good Blazer tickets and were late for dinner. Gramma suggested we skip the game as they always lose and go find this thing. I said we could get it after if no one has done it. Blazers were losing by 20 points when we left early in the fourth quarter. icon_frown.gif


Can't complain, no one listens anyway.

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Although Sen. Mc Cain was great on SNL I can never condone any reason to arrive late or leave early to any NBA game. I used to live in San Dog and I watched the Clippers hosted by the great BILL WALTON but I watched every game. You never, ever know what will happen.I saw the Clippers beat the MAJIC and KAREEM lakers by 25 pts. Although I am envious of those who casualy attend these games. Your either a fan or your not. God bless your caching and placments.


Where's by beers

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I woudda come out of hibernation for this one. Unfortunately I left the house at 3:30 to go do some shopping and take the family out to dinner. Where you ask? At the Red Robin at Tanasborne of course. Only about one mile from where this was located. Drove over the top of it about 3:40.


Probably the last one on the west side too. Unless Dr. I has a penchant for God's country over here. icon_biggrin.gif


KTF !!! GBWY !!!

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I was realy mad at my printer. I didn't mean to lash out like that. I am truly disgusted with the Trailblazers and I don't blame anyone for being disheartened by their lack of intelligence. My apologies to Grandma and Grampa, you guys do indeed rock and don't seem at all grouchy. Hey Q.M. I called Tim and he had nothing to say. GO CHARGERS!!



Peeing your pants is the coolest

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