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An interesting thought. I've no attachment to 'CITO' but it does have the merit of being a unique acronym, there is no chance of any cachers misunderstanding when you ask if they are going to the CITO,  but using an abbreviation which is already a word , and is also is a homophone of 'site' coud be confusing ...

'Are you going to  the cite?'

'Do you mean the burial site, the building site, the cache site or the CITO CITE , er site ?'


Same problem if you pronounce CITE as 'cee teh ' , it sounds like city !

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5 hours ago, Mutitjulu said:

Cache In Trash Out is no longer suitable or appropriate.

In what way is it no longer "suitable"? In what way is it no longer "appropriate"?


If you insist on changing it, then how about "Cachers Improving The Outdoors"? But I think "Cache In Trash Out" is perfectly fine.

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8 hours ago, Mutitjulu said:

I now feel that the "old" CITO platform needs a good shake up. Cache In Trash Out is no longer suitable or appropriate. It's outdated.

However - I DO advocate the importance of these caching events - the more the merrier!!!

I suggest - CITE - Cachers Improving The Environment - but invite alternatives!


Why ?    How is it "not suitable" or outdated ?

We CITO every day out, and have "cleaned up after others" years before this hobby...


I understand that now some plant trees, do trail maintenance, etc. at CITO events,  but the "old"  idea of CITO remains.

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