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In-car GPS advice wanted.

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Hi all, I am seeking advice on what in car GPS is best for Geocaching. 

At present I have a Garmin Nuvi 40. I am able to upload the Geocaches from Geocaching.com and can therefore see them as I drive along. I have downloaded BaseCamp and have learned how to make custom routes using BaseCamp. However, the Garmin Nuvi 40 does not have the software that will allow me to upload the Custom Routes to it.   

So; I'm after an in-car GPS (Preferably Garmin). 

I want to be able to download Caches from Geocaching.com using a Pocket Query, load them in to BaseCamp, make a route using BaseCamp, upload the route to the GPS, find the route on the GPS and then follow the route and find all of the Geocaches along the route. 

Any advice on a unit that will allow me to do this will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. If there is a Geocaching friendly GPS available that is not Garmin, please mention that too. I mainly already own Garmin products and I have learned how to make routes in BaseCamp. That's the reason I requested information on Garmin.

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Garmin would be the most Geocaching friendly incar GPS available. I have a Nuvi 50 and 2360 but I've never loaded GC routes on it. I think you can pre program routes directly to the Nuvi and, if you have geocaches already in there then they should show up as you drive along. I would think GSAK would be able to handle what you want but there's a bit of a learning curve to it. I load all my GPS devices, car and hand held, from GSAK. Someone else will most likely chime in with other options.

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Yeah, I posted in the Australia forum first but then thought to myself that there was a better chance of getting the information I was after here.


Just to add to my story, if I load the Caches to the Garmin Nuvi 40 I can access them individually through the POI (Points Of Interest) menu. Doing it that way means that I have to select each Geocache ever time I move the car. From a very long list.


I am hoping I am able to make a route, select it using the correct menu option (Whatever that is) and press go.


The whole reason behind this is that I have completed all of the Tassie Devil Geocache Puzzles, (There are 86 of them), and I want to pre-plan a route to do them all. Have them all loaded in to my cars GPS, press go, and get them done using the most efficient route. Once I reach every location, I will hone in on each Geocache using my hand held Garmin GPSMAPs.


I will have to research GSAK as I do not know what that is short for.

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11 hours ago, The_Man_Of_Steel said:

I will have to research GSAK as I do not know what that is short for.


https://gsak.net/index.php - Geocaching Swiss Army Knife.  I'm a relative newbie, but I have installed and played with GSAK, and paid to stop the nag screens (I used it enough that that was becoming a real annoyance, and a one-off $30 seemed worth it for all it can do, once I learn how!)  I still have a LOT of exploring to do; and I also have ason who is well-versed in GSAK and can teach me!

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