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Instagram Widget

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I thought it would be nice to add an Instagram Widget to my profile page.

Has anyone done this or know if it is possible?

I have tried a few websites for the code, but the code does not work properly. 

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2 hours ago, niraD said:

Does the code use JavaScript or IFrames or any other HTML that might be stripped out?


I don't know of any documentation for what is allowed in profile pages, but here's a Help Center document for what is allowed in cache descriptions:


Unfortunately, I can not answer your question about what type of code it is. I don't have the skill or knowledge to understand the difference. However, I suspect they may be some JavaScript in there. 

I have found a weather widget that changes daily. I wanted to find something similar, but more personal and slightly higher tech and provided buy a third party. 

I may see if I can make fake Instagram Widget, using only a photo and link. 

Oh.. your link thaught me how to add bullet points in HTML, so thank you. This is all learning for me. 

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