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I have several lists to place unfound caches in based on location. This morning when I attempted to place three new  caches into an existing list the system  did not show that list on the drop down choices. I entered the name of the existing list and the system created a new list - now I have two lists with the  same name. They are in the same area, no real major problem. Is there a way to combine these two lists. Guess I could deleted both and start over. That would be 15 caches to work with so not too terrible.


Or another option is probably best-- go get the caches so I can take them off the lists!

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1 hour ago, HHL said:

Go to your list management page:


Hover the name of one of the duplicate lists. Copy the link to the clipboard.

Now create a link like showing below, but with your list's BMcode.


Check the top checkbox. Then add the checked caches to your other bookmark list.



Thanks, going  through your advice I somehow ended up with three lists with same name! I just deleted the two I didn't want, went back to each cache and did manage to get them added to the proper cache-- the  problem was the scroll down function at "add to list" was not working at first, then it did  work slowly. Now I'm all set. 

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