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No option for 'Attended' on iphone geocaching.com app

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This has been happening for about a month.  The app doesn't show the option for 'Attended' at events.  I thought it might have been a time issue as I'm in Australia but no....it just never appears as an option.  The first attached screenshot doesn't show a 'Will Attend' option because I actually did a will attend so it disappeared.  It only seems to affect the 'Attended' option.  I always keep the app updated to the latest releases.   I use an iphone XR.  I recently had to delete and reinstall the app to fix another issue but it hasn't resolved this.


The second screenshot is from my old iphone 6 (which my partner now uses).  As you can see it also doesn't show the 'Attended' option and he hasn't updated the app to the latest release as yet.


Any hints?



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I think it has something to do with the time.


I'm running version 7.7.0, and I see the "Attended" option both on an event local to me and on GC84688 from your screenshot. However, both of the tested events are from the past. When I try some events that haven't occurred yet, I don't get the "Attended" option. It appears that the log type doesn't become available until the event occurs. When exactly it becomes available is unclear, though. Is it on the day of the event (and if so, using what time zone's definition of "the day"?), or is it tied to the actual event time, now that this exists?


Based on the time on your first screenshot (3:42), it looks like you were looking at the listing before the time of the actual event (5:00). If the app restricts the log options based on the event time, then it makes sense that the option wasn't available yet. After all, how can you attend an event if the event hasn't even started yet?

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