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GPX Pocket Query Enhancement


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Hello Groundspeak developers, (no idea which forum else to use)


when solving a Mystery Cache I can correct the header coordinates in my cache listing. I then can receive both, the original plus the corrected coordinate, via the (new) API into my Geocaching app.


However, online connection is not available everywhere. So I use GPX Pockey Queries for offline caching a lot. But Pocket Queries contain the corrected coordinates only, not the original value, so there is an information loss!


I like to have the original coordinates in as well as the corrected ones in the GPX. This could easiest be done as an additional waypoint in the separate waypoint (~-wpts.gpx) file and would not require much format change. E.g. a new waypoint type would satisfy the needs.


Is this possible to include?

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At first, back when I developed my own software to update the coordinates before the adjusted coordinate feature was added to the website, I worried about this problem, but I never implemented anything to save the old coordinates, and I never ran into a case where I needed them, so I just forgot about it.


I would suggest that puzzle cache owners add the waypoint you suggest if that waypoint is important information that should be available even after the coordinates are adjusted. That would require a little extra work for the CO, but would accomplish exactly what you're asking the website to provide without any changes to the update feature. (I could have sworn that puzzle caches had to have the posted coordinates listed as a separate waypoint, in which case it would be a simple matter of the CO making that waypoint visible, but I can't see any sign of that in the interface now, so either it's no longer required or it's still there but out of the CO's control.)


BlackRose67's point about being able to see which caches have adjusted coordinates is more useful, and from the beginning my software added a prefix to the cache name so I could tell which were mystery caches I should look for and which were unsolved. That feature I find useful on most geocaching trips.

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