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BUG - Milestones on my statistics page are off

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I normally don't check the milestones tab, but I did today, and some of the milestones were off.  But oddly, not all of them were.  There appears to be a difference between how finds are sorting on the website and how they are being output via the API and the My Finds Pocket Query, as the website's statistics aren't agreeing with what's on project-GC.com or on mygeocachingprofile.com.


I sorted my finds chronologically to check the list and see that they are being sorted differently than they had before as well.  Somehow they just started to jumble up a little for some earlier finds, and the jumble is inconsistent.


1, 5, and 10 were correct.


25 is actually showing my 24th find.  (logThis is my 25th.  (log)  Somehow #24 has a higher coord.info log ID, GLVZ2QP, than #25, GLVZ2NW, even though in the GPX file #24 has log id # 24496813 and #25 has log id # 25372618


50 was correct.


75 is showing my 76th find.  (log)  This is my 75th (log), and it correctly shows up on project-GC as my 75th find as well.


100, 200, 300, and 400 show my 101st, 201st, 301st, and 401st find.  500 is showing my 502nd find.  But my personal count corresponds to the milestones shown on both project-GC (supported by the API) and mygeocachingprofile (which uses the My Finds GPX).


And then all the other milestones (600 through 9000) match the order I logged them; this also corresponds to the milestones shown on mygeocachingprofile and project-GC (at least, until the project-GC count starts to differ thanks to 10 lab cache finds in 2016). 


tl;dr: Something ain't right with milestones, yo.  

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