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Old Geo Coins

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Found some old WAState geocoins that I have, want to get them back in the game for others, any ideas  how to set them up? The website on the coins is for a  muscle supplement , the coins are from 2004-2005. Thanks for the help, it’s been way too long for team Goldfinder!, kids grew up and we are going different directions...





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Is that a tracking number (cover it from view if it is).  It doesn't seem like a tracking number, but who knows.  There's a thread discussing similar coins, where you may find someone to ask:



Here's a site that says the coins weren't trackable on geocaching.com:



If these aren't Trackable within Geocaching.com, you may get them into play anyway, by drilling a big old hole in them, and bolting or riveting trackable tags onto them ("The Travel Bug" dogtag or similar tag).  It looks like there's enough blank space on that coin to instead laser engrave a tracking number (a number from coin or tag not in play would do). The extra numbers will confuse everybody, so expect to do some splainin.


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I was just cleaning out my basement and found my Geocoins from 2003 to 2005. Wow the old coins were so primitive.  I have 8 geocaching.com Oregon coins from 2004. Brass and starting to tarnish.   I found two Joy of caching coins from geocachetreasures.com.  I think 2003 or 2004 wi.th the certificate of authenticity in original bag.  A geocaching.com 2003 coin with an American flag on the back in the original bag with activation code and tracking number.  


At at one point I was a member of pdxgeocaching.com.  The members pitched in enough orders to mint the 2005 pdx coin.  First colored coin I had seen at the time.  It’s beautiful. I had 10 of them and have 8 left that is still sealed and never opened. I think they were tracked on the website that does not exist. 


May trade some in the future.  When I ordered the joy of caching coins I could have bought green man but I thought the joy of caching would be more rare.  Boy I was wrong.  Wish I ordered one of each.  


Brings back memories.


Thanks for posting.  



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