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Anyone recomend any hard caches?:back:


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Ok, how about Dream Cache:



on the way, get Not quite So Dreamy:



There's also an easier one to snag as you hike towards Big CReek and beginning of the rough trail/offtrail route to the lake cache and the lower one.



I would suggest packing a big pack and camp out by Big Creek and begin your wilderness adventure the next day. The actual hunt for hte caches should be easy enough, it's the physical nature of getting there that will tax you.

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Team JOYSON and YankeeRage Opined:

...me thinks I smell a pirate...




I would tend to agree. It's hard to enjoy hard caches when you've never found any.


The issue here is not so much one of piracy, but one of a 10yo wanting to start logging her own caches instead of tagging along and having them logged under her mum's username.


She is serious, but as per the age, obviously young and didn't understand that this, perhaps, is the wrong type of forum for her to ask an innocent though misguided type of question.


It will, most likely, not be happening again, but her enthusiasm may have been squashed in the process.




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SoSavvy, we're all sorry if we were a bit abrupt with you.


Lately, there have been geocaching pirates who steal the trinkets out of caches, and they sometimes post messages or do other things to figure out where good caches might be. People have been worried about it, so they over-reacted to you.


Perhaps some geocachers with kids your age will post fun caches for you to try. I'd suggest you look at caches created by Seth!, especially this one:


A Fractured Fairy Tale


You might also want to try Nikki's Nike Cache (she's about your age, and this was her first cache) or caches by Miss Goody Two Shoes.


I hope you don't let some of us old, suspicious types get in the way of your having a good time. big_smile.gif



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Originally posted by CachinCin:

I hope you don't let some of us old, suspicious types get in the way of your having a good time. big_smile.gif



HEY! Who you calling OLD?


I want to apologize for any enthusiasm squashing that came from us. We jumped on the pirate lynching band wagon without giving a second thought on how it might come across to someone who was honestly searching for an answer to a simple question. Please accept our apologies SoSavvy.


"And then Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to burnination."

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