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Emulator error

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I am attempting to write my first cartridge using Earwigo.  I am now getting a message  when I try to start the cartridge in the emulator.  I do not know what this means.

cartridge.lua:1473: '=' expected near 'Wherigo'

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Cheers  Ah!

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I just tried with one of my cartridges and there was no error message. By "the emulator" , you meant Webwigo, didn't you?


It's not easy to guess what could be wrong with your cartridge. Did you write some "author code"? What is your cartridge made of? (Zones, characters, etc.) Did you try to get advantage of some Earwigo's features? (Strings obfuscation, etc.)


Maybe you could try to locate the bug by narrowing the code. Perhaps by creating a smaller cartridge used to test only one thing at a time.

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Thank you for your reply.

Yes, Webwigo.

I have found what is causing the problem, however I do not know what is wrong.

I had introduced a Lua statement - which I had used before without any error message. I'm not at all well versed with Lua.

My cartridge consists of Zones, Variables, Media, Items, Inputs, Functions, Expressions and Messages.

Here is the bits of code causing the problem - I think

Author code:

function tom()
  var_vMax = var_vy - var_vx


One of my functions:


 cb_unchecked-12px.png trans-12px.png bluedown-12px.png greenplus-12px.png blackslashes-12px.png trans-12px.png redx-12px.png  Lua statement tom
 cb_unchecked-12px.png blueup-12px.png bluedown-12px.png greenplus-12px.png blackslashes-12px.png trans-12px.png redx-12px.png  Display dialog or message Message:mcorrect
 cb_unchecked-12px.png blueup-12px.png trans-12px.png greenplus-12px.png blackslashes-12px.png trans-12px.png redx-12px.png  Set value Zone:x:Active => true
 cb_unchecked-12px.png blackredraw-12px.png trans-12px.png greenplus-12px.png trans-12px.png trans-12px.png trans-12px.png 




While writing this reply I have spotted my error - no () after tom.

Sorry to waste your time with my stupidity.



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