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Solved puzzle cache doesn't show up in new location

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I am running the GC App version 7.4.0 on an Android 8.0.0.  I solved a puzzle cache and entered the solved coordinates on the web site.  On the web site it show it on the map in its corrected location which is a little over 20 miles away. This cache was created prior to the half mile limit.  On the app, when I am in the area of the posted coordinates and wait for all the caches to show up, then zoom out to go to the posted coordinates, I see the cache briefly and then when I zoom in at that location, the cache disappears. When I try the same thing with Geooh Live, it does the same thing.  c:geo works fine.  Since c:geo uses a screen scrape (not the API) and the others use the API, its probably an API thing or picking up the wrong data from the API.  


Any thoughts?

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I've seen something similar in the official app - app v 7.4.0 on Android 8.0.0

I don't know if it's any different in other apps, as I haven't tested.


What I'm seeing is that if there's a large distance between the posted coords and the solved coords, then the icon doesn't show at the solved coords unless I am zoomed out far enough that the posted coords are included on the screen.

If I have the caches in a List and then go  "Lists  -->  Map view"  then the puzzle piece icons show on the map at the solved locations.



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