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Save to Garmin Legend HCx & NOTE 9

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I am a premium member. I used to [save] caches from the geocaching.com page directly to my Garmin Legend HCx and my NOTE cell phone.  This no longer works.  I have no idea what GPSr or Basecamp are?  I don't know what everyone is talking about in previous posts for help with this?? Can someone please tell me - step by step - how to download to my devices?  geocaching is not fun if I have to do this manually for all the caches for the geotrails we want to find.  Thanks to all who can help.  It is very much appreciated.

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When cachers refer to "GPSr" - they are just referring to GPS receiving device.  Your GPSr would be a Garmin Legend HCx, while someone else's GPSr might be a Garmin 64 or Magellan Explorist.  While a GPS-enabled smartphone is a GPS receiving device (GPSr), the term GPSr tends to be used to refer to handhled devices - not smartphones. For example, the recurring debate about whether a GPSr or smartphones is more accurate.


I'm pretty sure that the Legend HCx is one of the Garmin devices that does not support paperless caching, so you'd have to go through a few extra steps to get caches saved to your device after downloading the gpx file from the website.  I think you'll need to use either EasyGPS or GPS Babel. Are you familiar with either of these?  There was another cacher that set-up something for his parents to load caches onto their 60 series GPSr's, but it seems a bit complex.  I'll link it  HERE  anyway, in case you want to check it out.


The above refers to getting the caches onto your Legend after you've downloaded the caches from the website.  To download the files in the first place, you have a few options:

  • Click "Download GPX" from the cache page - for one-at-a-time cache downloads
  • Run Pocket Queries based on filter selections - for downloading up to 1000 caches based on specific filters  (this is a Premium Membership benefit)
  • Run Pocket Queries based on Bookmark Lists - for downloading up to 1000 caches you've put into a bookmark list  (this is a Premium Membership benefit)


Not sure what problems you're having with the Note 9.  Were you using an app on that device?

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