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Calling All Puzzlers (and those who just want to socialize)

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Join the CentralOHGeocaching on February 23rd for the 2018 (yes it’s not a typo) Geocaching Puzzle Championship event (GC81WZ3).


There are so many great things included for this all day extravaganza, easy puzzles, difficult puzzles, competition puzzles, door prizes, camaraderie, socializing, the chance to meet at THE Ohio State University, and so much more!


You might be thinking - But I didn’t compete in any of the monthly puzzle competitions. Not a problem!! You can still compete for trophies, prizes and bragging rights.


Also during the day, there will be TWO separate standalone open puzzle competitions each with medals awarded to the highest finishers!


There is NO cost to enter any or all of the competitions.


But wait, on top of all the wonderful things mentioned above, there is a 5d puzzle cache to be worked on in a collaborative way for a group FTF!! Seriously, a smiley for an event AND the opportunity for a smiley for a group solve puzzle.


Interested? Want to know more? Go to the GC and ask the event hosts directly.

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Greetings, geocachers!


The Geocaching Puzzle Championships for the 2018 season will take place in Columbus on February 23, 2019, at The Ohio State University.


All cachers are welcome - even if you don't want to compete. Further, you don't need to have attended any of the events we held in 2018 to compete. Competitions are open to all cachers. We'll have a main tournament that will crown an overall winner, but we'll also feature two standalone events that will anoint winners in the Classic Format and Modern Format.


A new, five-difficulty puzzle cache will be released that day. Anyone who attends and pitches in can share in the FTF.


It will be an all-day bash. Food is plentiful in the area. We'll have prizes for competitors and attendees. It's a puzzler's or event hound's dream!


Check out the event here: https://coord.info/GC81WZ3


If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

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Merged post by CentralOHGeocaching into already existing thread about the event.

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