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How do I do this Javascript in lua in Urwigo?


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What are you trying to accomplish?  Are you just trying to say you'll allow all values less than or equal to seven until the first number greater than seven is seen, then it's false for all values after that?  You'd have to look in the lua language specification to see if there's an operator that would give you want you want without having to refactor to use an if statement.

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I was trying to do bitwise ORs so the player had to talk to three characters before proceeding. Returning to a character a second time would be ignored


So, talking to the charaters would OR 1, 2 , 4
Probably a bit excessive for this project so I've used three flags instead now



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Wherigo uses a version of lua that does not come with the bit module. So if you want to implement bitwise operators, you have to implement them yourself.


For your problem I think I would define an  array, set the n-th position true and check if they all are true in a loop, (or for just three in an explicit and statement)


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