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Garmin HEMA Australia Review

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It came out yesterday, and I got it first. It sux in every possible way.

Garmin Topo LITE Australia is much better for half the price, and the HEMA raster mapping covers that up.

The raster mapping is just Birdseye jnx files, which subtract from the total jnx files you can have on a device.

The GPSr doesn’t know anything about what it’s displaying, where the Garmin Topo LITE vector map does.

The raster mapping has limited street detail.

The raster mapping includes contour lines which are fuzzy at some zoom levels.


The POIs are more  comprehensive, and include info about toilets, etc. for sites. POIs are free.


I can’t even think of a single redeeming feature. These are both 64st screenshots compared HEMA to Garmin Topo V6.

V6 is the full version, which is the same price. I should have turned Birdseye imagery off, but you can still see the contours.

Garmin Topo screenshots are nigh time mode also.






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