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Thursday eve??

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Avast ye mateys...'ere be a story whats 'll brin' a tear t' yer glars heye...

Many tydes ago, th' crew released a TB crewman...that be Winnie th' Poop Deck...'is goal were to meet up wi' th' Cap'n an' Crew in th' Land 'o Ports...

Months go bye an' low an be'old thar be a cacher whats bringin' 'im 'ere...On Thurday th' 27th o' March at exac'ly 8 pm, Th' Cap'n be meetin' "metalmaster" at th' McMenamins 205 (Corner o' Washington an' Hwy 205)...Th' Cap'n be byin a pint fer th' fyne lad what's deliverin' th crewman...jest thot some odder wayward cachers might wantsta show up an makes it an mem'rubble git tagether...let us know if'n ye thinks ye can mayke i'!


Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

:D Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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