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No vacation caches, yeah sure..

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8 hours ago, funkymunkyzone said:

I'm extremely glad that "vacation caches" continue to be published.  Hopefully with well thought out and functional maintenance plans. 


That was the point of my opening post. The maintenance plan is "throwdown" :rolleyes:

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12 hours ago, baer2006 said:


16 hours ago, IceColdUK said:


What about those of us whose holiday destinations are chosen by a non-caching other half? 😉

Deal with it ;) ! In a healthy relationship, it should be no problem to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement. My wife is not caching, so I know what I'm talking about (... also, I don't do a lot of caching during our holidays ;) ).



This was slightly tongue-in-cheek.  Some of our trips are planned (a little) around caching, but for our main holiday, I make a point of choosing the location (with my wife) before checking on the caching possibilities.  Once there I make the best of it, and that has included organising events.

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