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102 Missing/Lost/Stolen Trackables

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Hello All,


Seeking Advice -----


I just went through all my trackables and marked them accordingly today, sent e-mails to cachers that may have had them for years.   Needless to say, I have set 166 geaocoins/TBs free and 102 are MIA (11 TBs and 91 geocoins)....probably more as their are some in the hands of cachers for years. 


I would love to get them on the move again.  


It seems the take on recreating is 50/50......well I am set on releasing them again so to speak.


What is the best way to go about? 

Does anyone know where I can get cheap tags engraved?  

Do you think cachers would like to see proxy if it is geocoin?

Does anyone know where you can get the dog tags that say please don't keep....I got them years ago but can't find a vendor? 


Steel City Babes

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