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Unable to Authenticate on Project-gc (opted out from sharing...

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I have been using project-gc for awhile but have started receiving the below error when I try to authenticate after accidentally clicking the do not allow authorized developers access.
I have since unchecked this but it still does not work. I have tried clearing cookies, different browsers and even different computers but it will not authenticate. I have revoked access
from project-gc and retried with no success. Again, do not allow authorized developers authorization is definitely NOT checked. I have reached out to project-gc through their support but 
have not heard from them. Does anyone have any suggestions to get project-gc to recognize that I DO want to allow access? Thanks very much for any help - I really miss my project-gc access!

{"errorMessage":"User has opted out from sharing public profile information with Authorized Developers (https:\/\/www.geocaching.com\/account\/settings\/authorizations)."}

One last note - access to certitudes, geo-caching forum, etc all work fine. Project-gc does show as an authorized app in my settings, however, project-gc does not seem to realize it! I have also tried revoking project-gcs access and retrying. That did not work either unfortunately. Project-gc showed up again as an authorized app in my settings after I retried to authenticate but it still gave me the same error.


Thanks again for any help!

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