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Far East siders

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Well all, we have fallen asleep out here it seems. I hope you are all ready to go......I have some new caches in the works, and if you thought you had it easy with caches before---you are going to be pulling your hair out and throwing your gpsr's into the nearest river.


I am gonna turn ya, twist ya, and make ya wish you never started geocaching. LEVEL 5/5's coming REAL SOON.


monkeys are everywhere

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I have first hand knowledge of how Syn makes a cache a 5/5. He doesnt print out the detailed instructions on an already hard to find cache. He then drags his would be geo buddy out for a two hour drive including dirt roads. Then the supposed 2 mile hike turns into 7 miles. And then he finds a way to blame it all on poor little me. Just a small warning for all those to follow. O ya he did buy me dinner so i can't really complain to much.



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