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Redundent City Navigator Map Files

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Can't see this mentioned but may be useful for those who don't know

I wondered why my system disk image (C: drive, data on separate drive) was getting bigger and bigger so went on a hunt.

In Windoze 10 in the Garmin folder under the program data folder I found not one but two copies of every map I've ever downloaded under 'maps' in both the Garmin folder and under downloads in coreservice.

Having deleted all but the current copy I removed well over 60 gig of data! my system, disk image is now 80 gig instead of 135 gig!

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huh. I wonder why it doesn't just update and overwrite the old map, nevertheless making two copies - unless you have two GPS and it's making a new copy of the map for every licence it has to update, which is terribly inefficient. When I update my Nuvi, I just update the map on the device without installing a copy locally.

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