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Google Earth Geocache Viewer with Windows XP

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Google Earth does not list the nearest 500 Geocaches anymore?

I am seeking some software advise for running Google Earth Geocache viewer with a Dell Computer running Windows XP.

In the past, I have used Google Earths Geocaching viewer to see nearby geocaches when running Google Earth.


Currently when I open Google Earth and click on Geocaching Google Earth viewer, I can not see  see any nearby caches after I select a search area.

In the past the KML file worked fine.    Currently It does not work.

Recently, I downloaded from my profile page the Geocacher viewer and saved the KML file GeocachingNetworkKML.kml file  on my computer.   

When I open Google Earth, I add the .KML file.   I see the Geocaching Google Earth Viewer and the CHECK box is filled, however it shows something odd.   There is an icon of a Folder with an orange dot and a cable next to check box.

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