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Quinte West Ontario reviewer

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When a cache is Archived, it is considered to be a permanent action.


That being said, if a cache owner Archives a cache (e.g. accidentally) - they can reach out to a Reviewer to request that the cache be assessed, to determine if it can be Unarchived.

Caches cannot be Unarchived for the purposes of Adoption.


If a Reviewer performed the Archive action, they would be the best contact for the cache owner.

If a Player performed the Archive action, the original Publishing Reviewer could be contacted -- or any other member of the regional Reviewer team.


For Ontario, the Reviewers are CacheDrone, CacheMinder and CacheShadow.


Only a cache owner can request that their own cache to be Unarchived; in other words, no-one should request that a cache belonging to another Player be Unarchived.


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