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Goals For 2019

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It is a benchmark year for me. Literally, finding benchmarks are my main goals.


1. Complete and find the Jack Rabbit Challenge Trail Benchmark Series:

  1. 250 BMs - Completed
  2. 500 BMs -
  3. 50 BMs in a Day -
  4. 15 Landmark BMs - Completed
  5. Five 25 BM Days -
  6. 100 Years of BMs -
  7. Alphabet BMs - Completed
  8. Altitude BMs -

2. Complete the 50% Well Rounded Difficulty/Terrain Day Challenge -

3. Complete the San Luis Obispo County Quadrangle UnChallenge -


You can click the links at www.elrojo14.com

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havent done anythging for quite some time. my goal is to revamp

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