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New Map

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I just tried the new map feature for the first time. Since there is no feedback button as there has been on past betas I wanted to share my thoughts somewhere. I hope the website developers monitor this forum.


I like the idea of combining the list and map.. The list is easy to read.

I don't like the fact it seems to be aimed at phone users. I don't use the website unless I'm in front of a computer. If I'm in the field, there's an app for that. My computer does not have a GPS chip in it so there is no easy way to center on my home area. I realize I could type in my city. My point is there is no EASY way to do it. I really do not need to see all 84k+ sq acres of my home state when I first go to the map. That is not useful.

The sort drop down on the list only allows sorting by favorites, oldest, and newest. As stated above when I am staring at a map of the entire state those sorting options are not useful. This is a location based game after all right.


I would like to see a similar set-up that still centers on your home coordinates as the old map did and the addition of distance from that center point in the drop down.


I look forward to seeing further development of this new version of the map.

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Also, I think you will get a pop-up asking for feedback if you Opt-Out of the new map/search.  Instructions for opting out are noted  HERE.

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