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Nearby caches doesn't show current one????


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Was looking at one of my caches "Hanging Around Nowhere"  https://coord.info/GCV92R and when I scroll down and click on "Find all nearby caches" I get a list of nearby caches BUT the cache "Hanging Around Nowhere" is no where on the list.  Normally when I do this the cache that I am doing it from is at the top of the list, but when I do it from this cache the cache itself does not show up on the list anywhere.




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38 minutes ago, infiniteMPG said:

LOL!!!!!   OMG.... duh.  Have no clue how that happened but don't think I would of put one of my own on my ignore list.  Lesson learned.



That's how I knew mine was a mistake-it was my own geocache! Haha.


Question: if my own cache is on the Ignore List, will I still get notifications for visits?


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