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GIFF: "social movies"


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Many of us have seen these very nice movies and voted for them. Most movies are targeted at the geocaching community itself: they are about geocachers and for geocachers. There were two movies in 2018 however that described (I'm trying to find proper definition) various social roles of geocaching. You obviously remember these movies: one was about finding names and dates of grand-grand-grand...grandparents carved in a rock centuries ago, another was about a cancer survivor. These movies can play a significant role in promoting the game, showing muggles that this sport has different meanings and can be connected with different social issues - such as helping a common family to find pieces of its history or giving motivation for one to fight such a serious illness and win. This is what I could show to my mother (who is far from understanding of my strange hobby) and the old lady could be impressed.


I suggest that we have the category of "social geocaching movies" in 2019 and choose a winner in this category.


What do you think?

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