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Attention: Dutch Oven cooking masters!


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My wife is like a freaking Iron Chef CrockPot. She cooks stuff of such mouth watering flavor in those dadgum little things I almost want to get her on FoodTv.


Im more the JunkYardWarrior of cooking though I have been known to Iron Chef a tofu dish or three.


Does Alton Brown geocache and could we get him to the NW?;)-






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WSMF - Thank you for the clickable links to Dutch Oven this-n-that! I'm thinking that between the MisGuided Ones, WSMF, my Scoutmaster and further inspired to keep ourselves busy so that we don't have so much time on our hands to construct mp3s of such VIGOR... icon_razz.gif, it will happen. Any suggestions for a timeline? Would early September, beyond the Holiday weekend, work? Kind of a Fall sort of activity don't you all think? -CT


CameraThyme icon_eek.gif

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