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Travel spider introuvable

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Bonjour, j'ai trouvé, dans une cache, un Travel spider avec la référence TB8QVQ5.

Mais impossible de trouver sur le site et il n'était pas répertorié sur la cache. 

C'est un canard jaune. 

Que faire ?


Edited by Rock Chalk
Edited by moderator to remove tracking number. Replaced with TB reference number.

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I have edited your post to remove the tracking number, and replaced it with the trackable's reference number. (More information about keeping tracking numbers safe is in this post.)


If you go to the trackable's page, you will see that someone retrieved it from a cache in September. It appears they did not log the trackable online when they dropped it into the cache where you found it.

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I tried eight times to enter the TB reference number, as corrected by Rock Chalk,  before it finally came up.

Not sure why...

Keep trying the reference number until it comes up, then Grab the trackable from the person who had it last (and failed to log properly), and you should be okay from there. :)

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