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Trackable statistics on Geocaching.com is not equal

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QUESTION about trackable statistics on Geocaching.com Hello everybody.

Unfortunately, after my GSAK database has completely evaporated, I have to track my logged trackables manually. Hereby I noticed a difference in the statistics on Geocaching.com which unfortunately does not open to me at the moment.

In my statistics on Geocaching.com 1990 trackables are listed as "have found".

To see when I click on my overview of "Trackables (Deine)" and then in the right box on "have found". But if I go to "Discovered it" on the same overview page, this results in a number of 2265 TB's.

Is not a big difference but still 365 pcs. What is the difference to the official statistics in 1990Stk. The other 365pcs.

 I also logged and discovered. Why is the statistics different here? Do I have to manually adjust the 2265 now to get the missing 365 pieces out and then somehow log them? I'm really confused Sorry. Would be grateful for explanations. Also, any new TB that I as a "discovered logge" does not increase my total number of 1990 pieces?

Ok, if I go to "All Logs" I come to just under 5,000. But it is also clear then my own TB's which I logged as visited on some caches also counted here. Interesting is actually but the difference of the listed TB's in my statistics from 1990 pieces in my profile to the 2266 listed as a discovered TB's under "discovered it".

I actually think that the "discovered it" and the list in the list "list trackable items you own or have found" under "have found" should be the same. Or when is a TB counted in the statistics? My 1990 somehow does not change anymore !?


TB-Deine-02-have found -1990_LI.jpg

TB-Deine-02-have found_LI (2).jpg

TB-Deine-02-have found_LI.jpg


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I'm pretty sure that the 1990 are how many different trackables you have logged.  It does not count a trackable multiple times if you log it multiple times  and  it does not include trackables that you own.


On your Profiled -> Trackables, the bottom of the left column shows 1990.  My guess is there are several trackables that you have logged multiple times.  For example, if you logged 3 Discover's on a TB named "ABC TAG", then you would have 3 Discover logs when you click on "Discovered It" (red circle in your post), but only "1" counted towards the 1990.



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