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On 10/29/2018 at 9:40 AM, Ranger4+1 said:


If you can get the duct tape off your mouth, feel free to post your question again.


Edit: ok, looks like you are asking for help with a specific puzzle, which is not allowed in the forums. If you need help, try contacting the cache owner.

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24 minutes ago, Ranger4+1 said:

Ok thanks, didn't know what cipher code to use. Will contact CO to see if they will give me a hint.


Have you tried plugging one of the longer "words" into a google search?  It's a cache listed as very easy.  I had no idea what the puzzle meant when I saw it, and Google set me on the right track immediately.  If you do a lot of puzzles, Internet searches will be part of what you will try.


But it's a great idea to ask a CO, so not too much is given away in a Forum.  ;)

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17 minutes ago, on4bam said:

I haven't seen this being used "in the wild" but a few seconds searching got me a hint what it is and decoding was straightforward. By posting this there's even a huge hint in this thread (you'll know once it's solved B) )


I’m surprised you haven’t used it in a puzzle of your own!

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I'm new to puzzles, and am lost on these. Can anyone give me a hint or where i can search how to solve these types? I see these puzzles everywhere that have lots of the letter M'P' and F's, (example: [redacted]) and i'm not sure where to even begin with them 

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