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[Feature suggestion] Icon size slider for map

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When browsing for caches on the map in my home area on my computer, I feel that there is a sea of green, blue, yellow and red (icons for found, traditional, mystery, multi etc.), and I cannot distinguish between individual caches. They are on top of each other, and/or sometimes so close to each other that I cannot see the map underneath.


I feel like this is a problem when I want to "scope" for caches, to get a general sense of to which broader area I should go geocaching next. And of course, it is more of a problem in areas with lots of caches. It only applies to lower zoom levels, where you can see a big part of the map. I don't have this problem on high zoom levels, which the icons are probably optimized for.


This has always annoyed me somewhat, I feel it is a problem on all devices (computers, phones and tablets). I don't feel it uses modern devices high resolution optimally! The icons could be much smaller for those who want it. 


An elegant way to solve this would be to have a slider for cache icon sizes!Then every individual could decide what's best for them. 


Wouldn't this be a nice feature, and an easy one to implement? I think many people in the community have experienced this but maybe doesn't realize it!


Best Regards :) 




A typical example of a crowded "broader area", where it is hard to distinguish map features underneath, and hard to see individual caches:



Approximately the same view on an iPhone. The same problems remain:



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