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MORC monuments

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Thanks, Bill.


Always interested in anything that Mr Penry has penned.  He has absolutely fabulous write-ups on line of some of his recoveries and re-monumentation of these MORC  marks.


I have found that here in Montana most of the Tri's have PID's and a lot of the Bench Marks that don't will have and x on the Quad maps and can be found.  One stand pipe that did have a PID [SR0051] was washed out by the Fort Peck Reservoir emergency flood pool elevation in 2011, but the stone remains in place.


We did find that a graduated [decreasing downstream] adjustment had to be made to the early published L/L.  Don't know it that continues into North Dakota. 




MORC 1665.03 BM62-2-SR0051-NGS 1 CAP-STAND PIPE-1804.JPG

MORC 1665.07-SR0051-MORC BM 62-2-1808.JPG

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