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Bug with solved mystery caches on the map

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Some time ago, map view was changed to show a puzzle icon when you corrected the coordinates but had not found it yet. After logging the cache as found it would then revert the display back to the posted coordinates.


There seems to be a bug with this though. In a nearby park where I have solved, corrected the coordinates, and then logged as found, some found caches are still being displayed at the solved location instead of the posted location. The only thing I can find in common with the 'bad' ones is that they were hidden and found in 2014. One example is GC593VQ. Newer found puzzles show in the posted location. GC593VQ and a couple other puzzles from 2014 show in the solved location. 


This issue shows up on the 'old' map as well as the new search/map that I just started getting today. 

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