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Cito week 2019

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I'm also interested in EveRan2013's original question. It would be helpful to us also to know now what dates in 2019 will be designated as CITO weeks for the upcoming year. We have a partnership with a site that would like to have us continue to help them with a cleanup effort, but I'm hoping I can make the dates work with the 2019 souvenir.

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On 12/30/2018 at 9:26 AM, Dr.MORO said:

Hi all!

I also have been organizing a CITO event for several years now along the Charles River in Massachusetts. And now wondering when exactly 2019 CITO weeks are going to be.


Based on when the huge local event is held which I tie-in my CITO event, it would be best that CITO Week, April 2019 contains Saturday April 27th.

GCHQ, please? And also let us know when CITO Week, April 2019 will be held, so organizer can plan with enough time ahead.

FYI, Earth Day 2019 is on Monday April 22.

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I'd advise you to simply schedule your CITO Event for day you want (April 27th). No need to wait.

Presumably it will hit the spring souvenir period, once it will be announced by HQ.

If not - you can host CITO without souvenir, or reschedule the event - not a big issue.

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31 minutes ago, clydesdale115 said:

Heard from HQ via email reply today ... they will announce the 2019 CITO dates tomorrow (January 7) on their blog and via social channels

Pity they don't announce it here. Or by an email or Newsletter. Not everyone has a twitfacechat account.

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On ‎1‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 11:04 AM, Dr.MORO said:

Yep, announced just now.


Wonder why things like this, scheduled in advance,  aren't in the "announcement" section of forums ?

 - Now it's just used for site updates and any downtime...  

Seems it'd be a good spot for the many who aren't on social sites, or basic members who don't get notifications, maybe missing good info. 

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