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Custom Trackable Code

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Any Hams/ radio people here?

I sent an email to geocaching.com, asking if it was possible to purchase or have a custom trackable code created, using my amateur callsign as the code. Their response unfortunately was that custom tracking codes are not currently available. I’m wondering if there was enough interest from other hams/geocachers, maybe we could get them to create the codes for us.

Any thoughts/interest in pursuing this with me?

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The last log in the Ham Radio forums was June 19th.  There may be quite a few interested, but it doesn't seem to be here

Maybe you could mail a few of the manufacturers of ham radios, asking about a "partnership" with the site.

 - There are some here who cache (hiking mostly...) with a radio in a pack.

Duck Tales, Michelin, NCEES and similar Partnership Promotions were kind of popular, with their own trackable icon to boot.   :)



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