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Weekly CITO

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Hi guys,

anyone know if holding a CITO every week on the same time and day would fall foul of the event stacking rule?

i am organizing a bunch of students to do litter picking/beach clean ups as part of a community service drive and therefore it will be a regular thing.

As I know there are a few geocachers that would be interested in helping out, I thought I might double up a geocaching event with the community service people, because the more hands there are the better.

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You didn't say, is caching allowed there?

CITO is a Geocaching Event, and all we've attended were in effort to clean/improve an area conducive to Geocaching.

Just a couple weeks ago, a hunch proved it was a good thing I showed in carhartt, with all the metal and glass removed from an old dump in a park.

Spent longer than expected, but cleaned up a lot.  The park manager was happy we made a large dent.   :)

 - Could probably use it, but a weekly CITO there would be pushing it.  Most didn't even live in the area (I was from another state).


If there's no caching there, I feel it's like any other community project, where locals show to help out.

 - We do that a lot too, and has nothing to do with this hobby...

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I live on a relatively small island, there’s plenty of caching in and around the area, but there’s also a lot of beaches with plastic rubbish etc, one could cito every day for a year and still have plenty to do. Usually when the geocachers do a cito it’s at a place where we have events, which usually means a three hour bbq.

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Might be worth a mail to your Reviewer, floating the idea through them.     :)

Not sure if a weekly CITO, where primary attendees may not be geocachers would have a bearing.

"Event stacking" (IIRC) is when multiple events are held on similar times, close together, and often on the same day.

Your idea (if allowed) would be similar to the monthly events we see a lot of today, and "maybe" a monthly  (let's say "2nd Saturday CITO" for example) might be  more doable.

 Good luck.


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