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What to do if your geocache is stolen?

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Disable your cache until you can get out there to replace it. 

Maybe wait a couple of weeks or a month to replace it to discourage anyone who may be deliberately taking the cache. They will likely get bored if there's nothing to take. 

Maybe move it a little if you think the location is compromised, and update your coordinates. 

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Since your cache by that name is not yet published, just keep it disabled and unsubmitted like it is now.  At least you know that it wasn't "stolen" by a geocacher.  The fact that a muggle (non-geocacher) found and took your cache suggests that you should look for a new hiding spot that's less obvious.

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If it's swiped before it's even published (like the OP), it might not have been the "great spot" as thought.  

The locals know about those "great spots" too.  

We've seen people making their 1.5 hides pmo as well, thinking it saves them from "new members", when in fact their caches were being swiped by locals not even in this hobby.   :)

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