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Buying premium is different in Google play

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Last time I bought premium, I paid for a certain amount of time. After that, I was not a premium member anymore and only could log the easy caches. Fine with me.

I thought I bought the same this time, in google play. But now at sudden it is a subscription and a second month is stolen from me. I did not know that and was actually thinking of getting months when I need them, or more recently to take a year, because it is more cheap and I like geocaching.

At sudden I have paid for another month, not even knowing I have a subscription. I hate that.

I do not like that something seems to be the same, but is actually something else.

Felt pretty good to find some caches today, but finding out this was the reason I did not need to buy premium today because I had a subscription I did not know of really killed that feeling for me.

Buyers, please be warned!

Geocaching: Please do offer subscriptions next to the old options, not in stead of.

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