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suggestion for improvement

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I am a new member and until I decide how much I like Geocaching I do not wish to invest more money than I have to. Therefore I do not wish, yet, to upgrade to premium membership.

This means that when I search for caches to visit I have to plough through endless lists of premium only caches before I can find some basic ones. Is it not possible to separate them into two sections so that premium members can access a list of premium caches, and people like me can access a list of basic ( non premium|) caches.

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8 hours ago, GeoTrekker26 said:

How are you getting endless lists of caches?


To be fair, if you look at the Caches near this link on the only cache the OP has found, they are virtually all premium member caches.


It's unfortunate that you happen to be somewhere where there are clearly a tonne of premium member caches. I always try and use the map for searching. That will only show caches you can actually find! A click on any cache will bring up its details in a little window so you can quite quickly decide if you want to look at the cache page. It might be worth looking for things this way perhaps?

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Went to your  found cache, looked up "all nearby..." on that cache page (didn't hit Isonzo Karst's link at the time :-) and you're in the middle of pmos.

You're restricted to 2/2 caches and less, and many of them have red wrenches (you call 'em spanners I believe) to boot


Agree with Blue Squared Thing and Isonzo Karst, looking at the map for caches available to you appears to be your best bet.   :)

I still do (looking for large areas of green).    Good luck.


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