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The Trackable Collection in the Help Center

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The Help Center article about "Trackable collections" is coming along nicely



Here I've edited the text to correct some non-standard terms, to expand some of the steps, and especially, I've added the most common question to the very top.  I think it covers a lot about "The Collection" without it being a ton of stuff to research.  The text below is what I'd like to be able to link to, when there's a question about the steps.  See what you think.




The Trackable Collection


Q: I'm activating a TB and there's a checkbox. Should I select “Make this item Collectible”?

A: If you wish to activate a trackable item to place it into a geocache to travel, either mark it “Not Collectible” or leave the option unselected. You can still choose a different option later if you like.



•Trackable owners can set the status of their trackable items as Collectible or Not Collectible.

•The "Collectible" checkbox enables the move a special digital place called a Collection. It is one part of a process of moving a trackable to the Collection.

•Trackables in your Collection do not show in your Inventory, and are not available to be logged into caches.

•When it is in a geocacher’s Collection, others may only log Discover or Note on that trackable.

•Mark your trackable “Collectible” when you are actively trying to get it into a Collection, into yours or another geocacher's. Any geocacher can move a Collectible trackable to their Collection.

•Be sure that your trackable description explains the plan. When a trackable is marked "Collectible", it may be the intention of the owner that it is to be moved to a very particular geocacher's Collection. Read the description or ask the owner for details.


Not Collectible

•Will usually be in the Inventory of a geocacher or geocache.

•Trackables not in a Collection are meant to be placed into a geocache to travel from cache to cache.

•Available log types for a trackable that is not in a Collection include Retrieve, Drop, and Grab, plus you may make Visit logs at geocaches.


Move a trackable to your collection

1.On the trackable details page, select Edit This Trackable.

2.Check the box “Make this Trackable collectible”, which enables the following move.

3.Select Submit Changes.

4.Move the trackable to your Collection:


•From the trackable details page: Select Move To Collection under “Actions”.

•From your Inventory: Select Move To Collection.

•Once it is in a Collection as desired, you may select the trackable to be “Not Collectible”.


Move a trackable out of your collection

•From your Collection: Select Move to Inventory.

•From the trackable details page: Select Move To Inventory under “Actions”.


If you set a trackable status as Collectible, another geocacher can grab it and move it into their own Collection, for example, if you are loaning it to a friend to complete a set of Geocoins. This is done only as you wish, you still own the item, and at any time the owner may return the item to play.


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