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Cartridge problem on Iphone

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I recently released my first Wherigo. It works well on Android devices but it does not work properly on Iphone.

The problem arises in the first zone on a very simple code section.
I developed the cartridge with Urwigo, so I'll put the code in a similar format.

- Bank = the name of my first zone, on which I defined an action "Search" inactive at the beginning
- Lucky Luke = the name of a character in this zone, on which I defined a "Talk" action
- StatusZone1 = a numerical type variable initialized to 0 at the beginning of the cartridge

The code of the action [Lucky Luke].Talk is:


If (Compare (StatusZone1 = 0))   
   Set Bank.Search.Enabled = True   
   ... (Lucky luke's message that is displayed)

When Iphone users talk to Lucky Luke, the "Search" action does not appears on the Bank zone.
I'm not used to Wherigo programming but a "Set enabled = true" instruction seems something basic.  Is it possible that the IPhone app does not manage it.

The cartridge works well on Android, so it's not really a programming bug. But there must be somewhere something that works differently on Iphone.
Any ideas ?

Have a good day,

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Have a look at this page: http://www.earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=tips_and_tricks#how_to_make_sure_your_cartridge_works_for_all_players


Since Wherigo capable GPSr can't show commands linked to zones, maybe the iPhone Wherigo player's author decided not to implement it either... As a general rule for myself, I choose to stay with what is known to work on every devices.

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Yeah, I’m not familiar with zone commands being implemented in the player apps. You could get away with putting commands in NPCs/objects that inhabit the zone. The WorksWith command should also be supported on the player apps. 

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Thank you for the link and the information.

I confirm that the cause of the problem was the command linked to a zone.

I've replaced it by a character command and now the cartridge is working fine.

Thank you.

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