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Your creator has died...


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Of course I'm real. I've drank beer and geocached and drank beer with many of you. But man this is a real drag. Maybe I should consider changing my name like oregone and sparrowspav. But what would you call a 6 and a half foot behemoth tromping through the woods? Next thing you know we'll find out that soup was a hoax too, or that there is no such thing as a fractal. I know what a sparrowhawk was cause I saw it on the History Channel. Who's next? Santa? dadgum those zen cones! Besides, myths can't rent yurts now can they. I am avenged!!

Besides, I'm sure the reason the northwest native americans made totems representing sasquatch dating clear back to the 1800's are because some guy in 1958 played a joke. Makes sense huh.


Tommy can you see me? Can you feel me near you? Tommy can you hear me? Can I help to cheer you?


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