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No signs for NA?!

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I only noticed this right now, so bear with me, please.

When a cache is Disabled, the listing name will appear marked in the search.

When a cache gets a Need Maintenance log, will receive a wrench icon.

In my personal view, a Need Archive log is even stronger... but the cache will not show any sign of alert after the log.




I would suggest a wrench in a darker colour, by instance.

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For my area, the NA is often preceded by the NM log type, with a few minor exceptions (e.g. trespassing, etc.).  The purpose of the NA is to alert the local volunteer Reviewer that the Listing page might require some action and the CO appears to be unresponsive.


For filtering purposes on searches and PQ's, the option to exclude Disabled and NM Attributes is available, and the number of NA without the two previous conditions is probably so minuscule as to be almost irrelevant.

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