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GPS Found Lochwinnoch Scotland

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Hoping some one may help,


I work at Castle Semple Centre, Lochwinnoch,   on Monday 10th September a GPS was handed in at our visitor center.


Today I found that there are several (lots) of Caches in the Aberdeen area of Scotland, saved on the device, and the home setting is in Aberdeen City.


I'm hoping some one might know who it might have lost it, and get them a message, long hope I know,  We have found what road they live on but our best goggle earth attemps haven't given us a house number.


If anyone thinks it might be their device they can contact the center on 0141842 882 and ask to speak with the cafe




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Thanks for the hints, nothing on the start up screen,


they did have a home waypoint, and found it on google earth but photo from 2008, and house numbers not visible, 


I looked at some of the logs hence know they cache, but first had over 500 finders second more hadn't thought of using dates to narrow it down will try it when I get in tomorrow, 


once again thanks for help will keep updated as things go

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If you can attach it to a pc you might be able to see what caches the owner of the GPS has actually found and when. presumably it's a Garmin GPS so one of a couple of standard type USB leads will do it.


If you follow the instructions on this page you should get a list of caches marked as found on the GPS on your geocaching.com account field notes page but it does depend on exactly how the owner uses the GPS - not all will mark caches as found. It should  hopefully make it much easier to track down the owner.


I've had a look at the last few cachers who logged caches near the Castle Semple visitor but none jump out at me as being from the Aberdeen area. This page will give you an idea of the nearby caches https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=55.796800&lng=-4.621233&f=1

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